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10 Best Luxury Men’s Shoes that Should be in your Shoe Closet

10 Best Luxury Men’s Shoes that Should be in your Shoe Closet

10 Best Luxury Men’s Shoes that Should be in your Shoe Closet

If you are looking to rob a guy’s shoe wardrobe, then Henry is your favorite guy. However, we are not assuring that you would be successful with the mission, considering Henry’s amount on his shoes.

Henry is the complete definition of a classy man, and it shows in his wardrobe, both in clothing and shoes. Well, it should not be surprising as he gets all his shoes from Paddy Clothing. So the other day, we got the opportunity to view his shoe closet, and we were left in awe.

10 Best Luxury Men’s Shoes that Should be in your Shoe Closet

According to Henry, he always loves to make a statement in all fashion aspects. So, he cannot afford to have a poor shoe game. Now, some people say that he is vain, and he does not deny the tag. And Henry admits that he loves attention, so he has to always dress in the best brands so that people can always stare at him.

Before Henry began patronizing Paddy Clothing, he had issues purchasing the best luxury shoes as some stores gave him a fake option instead of the original. But now, he says that with the quality of shoes that Paddy Clothing has given him so far, he is at peace and does not have any worries.

It is what pushes him always to get more shoes as he has the assurance that he will buy only quality shoes from Paddy Clothing. Yes, we love to please our clients, and Henry is one of them.

Although we cannot say that Henry has a favorite shoe brand, he loves anything that screams luxury. He loves it when he can command authority from what he wears. And, of course, the attention is always on him, and people always try to converse with him.

At first glance at his shoe closet, we could spot some luxurious brands, and we would be sharing them below.

In no particular order, here are 10 best luxury men’s shoes that Henry has and you should also purchase:

Mario Bruni

If you are familiar with Luxury brands, it is easy to spot the Mario Bruni brand amongst the numerous shoes Henry has. Some people may say that he is a shoe fanatic, which is not far from the truth. Henry has some pairs of Mario Bruni shoes, ensuring that the shoes fit for different occasions.

When asked what he loves about the brand, Henry replies that he enjoys his comfort whenever he wears the shoes. According to him, he hates to spend money on anything that he cannot enjoy. So, he keeps getting the Mario Bruni brand and even refers it to other people because the shoes are comfortable when you wear them.

In addition to the leg space you enjoy with these shoes, he adds that the leather quality is top-notch. Henry says he has had some of these for years, and the leather quality has remained the same. However, he has had shoes where the quality wears out after some time.

Also, the soles of the Mario Bruni shoe brand are of high quality. So be it a dinner, church, or office setting, there is always a shoe from this brand that will fit the occasion.

Ermenegildo Zegna

If you are looking to appear stylish at any event, then the Ermenegildo Zegna brand is another luxury men’s shoe brand you need in your shoe closet. They hold the record for being the first luxury men’s shoe brand in China. These shoes are always a beauty to behold, and it would be hard to resist buying them.

Henry says that he almost cannot say no to Ermenegildo Zegna shoes, which is why he has more than one in his shoe closet. He also adds that whenever he is trying to impress someone, these are his go-to shoes.

Of course, we could not help but ask him about instances where he had to impress someone and wore the Ermenegildo Zegna shoes. Yes, we love to get deeper stories from a client, and Henry happily indulged us.

So, he says that he wore these shoes when he was trying to get a prospect to sign a contract. Henry says he had to pull off the luxurious look to get the client on board, and the shoes played the perfect role.

Also, when he meets a new lady, he picks Ermenegildo Zegna when he is going on a date. Well, you can get pointers from Henry.  S

Hugo Boss

We are sure that this is not the first time you will be hearing about the Hugo Boss brand. After all, they are amongst the top fragrance merchants globally. And, if you decide to survey this brand, people will always recall fragrances when you mention the Hugo Boss brand. However, they are much more than a perfume brand.

The Hugo Boss brand is an expert in the fashion industry as they also manufacture accessories and shoes. For the focus of this article, he would be talking about the Hugo Boss shoe niche.

Were we surprised when we saw the Hugo Boss brand in Henry’s shoe closet? But, of course, we were not surprised. Henry has proven to be that classic guy who only gets luxury shoes.

The Hugo Boss brand shoes are always made from quality materials as they want their users to stand out from the crowd. The aim is to ensure that people are left in awe of your shoes. Also, the Hugo Boss brand makes a variety of shoes to fit all occasions. So, the shoe you buy is based on your preference or the occasion you are wearing it for.

If you are looking for where to buy these shoes, Paddy Clothing is here for you.

Giuseppe Zanotti

People always speak highly of Italian brands, and it is impossible to mention the top Italian shoe brands without talking about Giuseppe Zanotti. Since they make nothing but luxurious shoes, you know that they have to be a part of the shoe brands that Henry buys.

One thing about these shoes is how you can have them for years, and they will always look as if you newly got them. Yes, some people might want to argue that it depends on usage. Well, we would assume that you do not plan to wear your luxurious shoes every day. It is almost commonly acceptable that luxurious shoes are worn for special occasions. Therefore, your shoes will not look worn out, even in years to come.

Another thing we love about Giuseppe Zanotti is how they stay true to sizes. So, if you see a size on any of the shoes, you know that is the correct size. Unfortunately, not all shoe brands are like this. For example, some shoe brands will tag a shoe with size 43, but it will be too tight to fit a person who wears a size 41.

Fortunately, you will not experience such a challenge with the Giuseppe Zanotti shoe brand.


Gucci is one of the popular global shoe brands, and we are sure that you are aware of it. Therefore, we can say that many people love this brand, and they strive to get a Gucci shoe.

We love that you can get Gucci shoes in varieties, so you are not stuck to one specific choice. If you are looking to rock a casual but luxurious look, you can choose any Gucci sneakers options. Also, if you are going for an official look, Gucci has dressing shoe options.

As a top brand, they do not want to ruin their reputation, so must stick to high quality. The idea is that they want the quality of their shoes to always speak for the brand. So now, while we cannot say that Gucci shoes have the most attractive design, we can say that you will achieve a luxurious look if you wish when you wear these shoes.

The manufacturers of these shoes ensure that they go through a high array of processes before they release any of the shoes into the market space. It ensures that the shoes do not fall short of the expected standard as people already hold them on a high pedestal.


Although this brand may not rival other brands in terms of popularity, that does not mean that they do not manufacture excellent shoes.

If you are a sneakers lover and have never tried the Goodman brand, then you are missing out on top-quality sneakers. A good portion of the sneakers in Henry’s shoe closet was from the Goodman brand, as he explains that they deliver luxury despite its simplicity.

We know that luxury may mean different things for various people, but everyone agrees that quality can also scream luxury. One thing about Goodman shoes is that you are always assured of your leg space.

Many people testify that they can wear these shoes for days without any feeling of discomfort. In addition to these claims, Henry adds that he goes for his Goodman shoes any day he wants to go for a light but luxurious look.

Henry also loves how these shoes are an excellent fit for various fashion apparel. At Paddy Clothing, we can testify that many people also fall in love with Goodman’s shoes at first sight. Therefore, it would be a great addition to your shoe closet if you love simple but luxurious shoes. After all, you will always want to look like eye candy.

John Galliano

The popularity of slip-on shoes has improved greatly worldwide, and the John Galliano shoe brand is one of the brands that will be thankful for this trend. After all, people mostly know them for their slip-on.

Yes, we are now drifting away from the typical work shoes and casuals to talk about slip-on. So, if you are a lover of slip-on, you need to start patronizing this brand. Also, it makes an excellent gift choice to give any of your friends.

As we spoke with Henry, he admitted that he knew about this brand, but he has been hooked since then. According to him, anytime he gets a John Galliano⁸, his friends always raid his closet and take it. He says that none of these slip-ons have lasted more than two months in his closet because people always fall in love with them.

So, he decided to gift all his friends a John Gallian slip-on on their birthdays, and he got satisfaction from the smiles that came on their faces.

We have to admit that we give this brand props in terms of attractive designs and comfort. They correctly tick all the boxes that usually come as a concern to users.

Frankie Morello

We once heard someone refer to the Frankie Morello shoe brand as a lazy but luxurious shoe brand. Although we do not agree with the term they used in describing this brand, we can buy from their ideology. The idea is that this brand does not put a lot of effort into their design, but they do not joke with the materials they use to produce their shoes.

So, if you are looking for an attractive shoe, we might not recommend this brand. When you wear a Frankie Morello, it is almost like wearing a regular shoe brand in terms of its design. But, if you are a shoe enthusiast, you will know that what is on your leg has much value.

The brand sources for the best materials to use in the production process as they want their shoes to last for a long time. The Frankie Morello shoe brand does not want a situation where users will wear any of their shoes, and it wears out. Instead, they want their users to feel appreciated always. The goal is for users not to think that they are only out to get their money. But for users, to get value for whatever they buy.

Emporio Armani

As we looked about Henry’s closet, we also discovered Emporio Armani’s shoes. It is one of the factors that convinced us to believe that Henry goes for only luxurious shoes.

Those who understand the business of luxury men’s shoes will know that the Emporio Armani shoe brand is one of the top players in terms of men’s shoes. Therefore, you will get certain respect from people when they realize that you are wearing an Emporio Armani shoe.

Yes, it is safe to say that this shoe commands respect, and it also gives prestige. Once you wear any shoe from this brand, you will gain unrivaled confidence.

Henry told us that he always prefers to wear an Emporio Armani if he has any presentation. It is because of the confidence gained that comes with it. Also, people are usually fixated on the shoes, making it easy to flow with them.

Some people say that wearing a shoe from this brand also helps as a conversation starter. So, if you are an introvert or have issues starting a conversation, why not come to Paddy Clothing and purchase an Emporio Armani shoe? It is best always to remember that we are the best in the business of luxury men’s shoes.


Another luxury shoe brand that boasts of being a best-seller in the sneakers niche is Valentino. It is one of those brands that give you many reasons to buy its sneakers.

As sellers of this brand, we can tell you that it is one of the top brands that people check out when buying sneakers. After all, it comes with attractive designs, making it a considerable choice.

Also, the sneakers have a mechanism in place that ensures protection whenever you wear it. So, you are sure that your ankles are well protected. Their sneaker’s idea spans across a lot of reasons as they want their users to use it at any desired time. So, you can wear the sneakers for fashion purposes, or even use them for running.

The manufacturing process of these sneakers ensures that the shoes do not easily wear and tear. Yes, we have had customers say that they used Valentino sneakers for hiking, and nothing happened to the shoes.

No matter your style preference, you will always see Valentino sneakers that speak to your soul. Therefore, making it hard to resist purchasing these sneakers. So, we are awaiting your purchase as we are sure that you will love to own Valentino sneakers.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions as it concerns this topic:

What is the most luxury shoe brand?

There are many luxury shoe brands with different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is hard to crown a specific brand as the most luxury shoe brand. All the shoe brands we have highlighted above classify as luxury shoe brands

What is the richest shoe brand?

Research shows that Adidas is currently the richest shoe brand globally.

Which shoe brand is the most comfortable?

Again, this is another question that we cannot give the crown to any specific shoe brand as it varies, depending on the user. But, you can decide when you try the various brands.


As you can imagine, these are not all the luxury shoe brands in Henry’s closet. No, these are 10 out of the many luxury brands. But, since everyone cannot connect with Henry, you can connect with us at Paddy Clothing as we have all the luxury brands you can imagine. So, the next time you want to buy a luxury shoe brand, make sure to shop with us.



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