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Have you met Promise? You’d know that she cannot do without her heels if you know Promise. And, it always seems as if she does not have enough heels as she is always shopping for heels.

If you check her cart, you’ll see only heels, and you can bet that she has a lovely collection. Now, one begins to wonder how comfortable she is with these heels, as it is her favourite footwear.

Promise can wear heels to any event. Be it school, work, church, etc. She has the right heels for every occasion. Are there secrets behind being a heel owner?

We recently contacted Promise, asking her to share her heels secrets. We were met with a laugh at first as she found it laughable. However, she later stated that there were no vast secrets behind being a heels owner. But, she had specific tips she could recommend to people and hoped that every heel owner would follow these tips.


These tips cut across preservation and usage of the heels. We found these tips helpful and insightful and have compiled them into this article to share with everyone.

Are you curious about what Promise shared with us? If yes, keep reading this article to find out the things every heel owner should know.

Tips for Heel Owners

Below are the top tips Promise shared with us for every heel owner:

  • Have handy tea bags: What do you do with your tea bags after usage? Of course, the typical, almost logical answer would be to dispose of these teabags. However, we have seen that you can convert the use of these tea bags, even when it comes to your shoes.

If you are used to wearing heels, mainly covered heels, you will agree that your shoe begins to smell at a point. It is because your feet become sweaty, and the lack of air leads to the smell.

Yes, you might want to air the shoe after usage. However, that does not always guarantee that the smell will go away. Thus, you can use tea bags to get rid of this smell.

You need to dry your tea bags and throw them into the shoes overnight. These tea bags serve as an absorber for the smell, and you will notice that your shoe doesn’t have a foul odour anymore.

  • Wear socks with your heels: While talking with Promise, we realized that she wasn’t always comfortable with wearing heels. At a point, she even became conscious that she couldn’t walk comfortably in heels as compared to her friends, and it affected her self-esteem.

Therefore, she made a conscious effort to become comfortable with wearing heels and began researching ways to make it happen. Then, she got information about wearing socks with your heels to walk around indoors. After she tried this, she realized that it helped her expand the shoe to a comfortable extent, and she became more comfortable with the shoe.

She began to do this with all her heels before she stepped out, and she was comfortable with these heels in no time. Wearing socks with your heels helps you get comfortable with the shoe, and you will not regret doing it.

It is important to note that we are not saying you should go out wearing socks with your heels. Instead, it is something you should do indoors.  

  • Take small steps: People often say how you dress determines how people will address you. And, allow us to tell you that it goes beyond the outfit you wear as it can also relate to your shoes and the way you walk when you wear them.

When we ask people why they wear heels, some say that it boosts their confidence, and Promise agrees with this claim. However, how you walk when you wear heels would also tell on your confidence.

Promise advises that people should take small steps when wearing heels. It helps in portraying poise and confidence. When you wear heels isn’t the time for you to run or be in a rush. You can do that when wearing sneakers or any flat shoe.

There should be a specific carriage in your steps when wearing heels, as that is what would attract people to you and give you that confidence aura.  

  • Not all heel sizes are for everyone: The thing about heels is that they are not for everyone. To be a heel owner, you must understand your heel size and stick with it. Your friend is comfortable wearing a six-inch heel doesn’t mean it will also work for you.

We have also seen people whose heel preferences change over time. For example, Promise started wearing low heels and slowly progressed to wearing higher inches. Today, she can wear any heel length comfortably. However, she shared that she has a friend who sticks to heels that aren’t more than 3 inches.

Now, you can see that not all heel sizes are for everyone, and you need to stick to what works for you. If you get heels that you cannot use to walk around, it will be a waste, and we do not want that to happen. Therefore, it is best to get what will be comfortable for you.

  • Tape your toes: We are usually met with aggression when we say this to people as they wonder why they need to tape their toes. Interestingly, Promise shared that it is something she also does. It helps reduce the amount of pressure on the toes.

Those who wear heels will agree that they usually feel a certain pressure on the toes. It could also cause friction. However, it comes in handy when you tape your toes, preventing all these from happening.



Every heel owner should also know that they can get the best heels from Paddy Clothing while working with the tips above. These tips are best to ensure that you enjoy the most out of your heels.


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