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If your shoe is truly leather, you know how much it costs to purchase them. And we know that you wouldn’t want your leather shoes to spoil without getting value for your money.

Those who own leather shoes are usually protective of these shoes, which is understandable. After all, these shoes are highly valued, and they add a certain finesse to your outfit when you step out.

But you won’t properly take care of your leather shoes if you treat them like any regular shoe. Unlike other shoes, there are some tips you must follow to take care of your leather shoes. These tips ensure that the shoes are long-lasting and give the best value for your money.


We love that leather shoes have a way of always looking brand new if you take care of them adequately. Interestingly, the tips for taking care of your leather shoes are cost-effective. Therefore, you should not be bothered about breaking your bank before you can take care of your leather shoes.

This article focuses on leather shoes and tips you can use in caring for them. In no particular order, here are 5 tips for your leather shoes:

  • Clean after each use: What do you do after wearing your leather shoes? After usage, the way you treat your leather shoes depends on how durable it stays.

Unfortunately, we see that some people wear their leather shoes and abandon them. Such an act would lead to the accumulation of dust and dirt and quicken the pace at which the shoe will spoil.

Typically, one should always clean their leather shoe after every use. The idea here is to get a clean, dry cloth and use it to clean off dust and dirt on the shoe. Afterward, you will also need to air the shoe to remove the smell.

Once you employ this tip in taking care of your leather shoe, you are improving the life shoe’s life span. Thus, you enjoy that the shoe stays durable, looks new always, and gives you the best value for your money. However, the opposite will be if you do not carry out this tip.  

  • Keep in a well-ventilated place: Did you know that your leather shoes need air as much as you do? Unfortunately, we usually see that people keep a confused face when saying that shoes should be well-ventilated. After all, are shoes like humans that need oxygen?

Keeping your leather shoes in a well-ventilated place ensures that it does not gather moisture as it can spoil the shoe by making it crack. Typically, leather shoes are not water or heat-friendly. Asides from the fact that moisture can crack your shoe, it can also discolour the shoe. Imagine waking up and seeing cracks on your favourite leather shoes? Of course, it would be heartbreaking, and no one wishes for such to happen.

Therefore, everyone should have a special place in their houses where they can keep their shoes and air can get to them. It is a preventive measure that ensures your favourite shoes remain long-lasting.

  • Do not wear them every day: Allow us to tell you that your leather shoes are not to be worn every day. Yes, you might want to argue that you got the shoes with your money and have a right to wear it whenever you want. However, that would be a bad move as your leather shoes need to rest.

Remember that leather shoes are not water-prone. Therefore, wearing them every day can expose them to water, especially during the rainy season. Thus, you will be choosing to spoil your shoes intentionally.

In addition, wearing your leather shoes every day only adds pressure. Soon, the shoe will begin to experience wear and tear, and its looks will change.

Humans experience fatigue when they overwork themselves, and the same thing can apply to your leather shoes if you wear them every day. Therefore, it is best to take breaks between wearing your leather shoes to improve them.

  • Regulate the use of shoe polish: Everyone loves when their shoe is shiny, as it helps them make a bold fashion statement. Understandably, shoes are top fashion items, and it is something that some people notice first in individuals. Therefore, we have people who always want to make a good and bold first impression with their shoes.

Thus, these people always use shoe polish on their leather shoes to keep them bright and shiny. Yes, shoe polish helps to make this possible. However, it is also best to keep in mind that the use o shoe polish shouldn’t be a regular practice as it can harm the shoe.

Instead, it is best to use shoe polish on your leather shoes after every 5 wears. It serves to regulate the use of shoe polish and protect your shoe. And, allow us to tell you that your leather shoes can still give an excellent first impression even without shoe polish.  

  • Make use of shoe tree when not in use: We have seen that leather shoes tend to lose their form and shape when not in use. Therefore, it comes in handy to put a shoe tree in your leather shoe to ensure that it does not lose its form.

One can get shoe trees from shoe stores around. Thus, it is not stressful trying to purchase one, and it also does not cost a lot.


It is always best to treat your leather shoes the way you would take care of a baby. It needs adequate love and attention for it to give you the best value for your money.

Always follow the tips we have highlighted, and you will enjoy rocking your leather shoes.



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