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Many people underestimate the comfort that comes with wearing sneakers/trainers. They even go further to restrict the usage of sneakers to only exercises and training. However, we have seen that many people have sneakers as their favorite shoes and can pair them with almost any outfit.

Is there anyone who does not own sneakers as a part of their shoe collection? We doubt it is possible to find such a person. Therefore, it is only normal that one should know how to take care of their sneakers.

Owning sneakers is one thing. However, knowing how to take care of your sneakers and ensuring that it stays in an excellent state is another thing. Unfortunately, we see that many people get it wrong with the care of their sneakers, and that is the focus of this article.


You will agree that you will get many compliments when you wear your sneakers for the first time. But why does it seem that the compliment fades over time? It is because you are not taking good care of the sneakers.

However, if you properly care for your sneakers, you will see that they will constantly leave people in awe, and you will always get complimented for it.


How to Take Care of Your Sneakers

Below are easy ways to care for your sneakers:


  • Clean after every use: Some people are in the habit of dumping their sneakers in corners after use and only remembering the sneakers when they want to use them the next time. However, that is a bad habit as it won’t help preserve your shoes. Instead, it would be best always to clean your sneakers after every use.

This habit helps to ensure that your sneakers do not accumulate dirt and dust. It also makes the cleaning process easier as you won’t have to struggle with stubborn stains. It is always best to remember that you should treat your sneakers delicately if you want them to last longer.

  • Do not keep in a shoebox: We have seen that some people love to retain the shoebox of their sneakers. But then, they convert these shoeboxes into storage facilities for the sneakers. Yes, it may seem like a convenient option. However, that is a bad practice as it can spoil the sneakers.

Keeping your sneakers in a shoebox does not allow them to be well-ventilated. Therefore, it may have cracks that then spoil the sneakers’ looks. Therefore, it is always best to have a customized and proper shoe rack for your sneakers instead of keeping them in a shoebox.

Once your sneakers have cracks, they will lose their appealing state.

  • Use toothpaste for the soles: Are you always bothered about how to clean the soles of your sneakers? It doesn’t have to be an issue anymore as there is now a solution.

Typically, people complain that using a rag and water doesn’t always work for soles, even when one uses soapy water. They usually have this complaint when they have to deal with stubborn stains. Soon, it begins to seem like the soles’ color is fading and disoriented from the color of other parts of the sneakers.

But you will not have this complaint when you use toothpaste to clean the soles of your sneakers. It is best to have a dedicated toothbrush that you can use to scrub the soles of soles.  

  • Keep it in an airy place: We cannot overestimate the importance of keeping shoes in an airy place, and your sneakers shouldn’t be an exception. So how do you keep your sneakers when you clean them?

When we talk about keeping your sneakers in an airy place, people often limit it to only storage. However, it would be best if you kept your sneakers in an airy place when you cleaned them. It helps ensure that the sneakers do not crack and helps them be free of smell. After all, you wouldn’t want to wear sneakers that always smell as that can even affect your foot.

  • Remove the laces before washing: Have you noticed that the lace area of some sneakers is usually dirtier than other parts of the shoe? It is because people do not remove their laces before washing their sneakers. Thus, the dirt around the lace area keeps accumulating. In no time, it begins to become more prominent, and you won’t like the state of the sneakers.

Therefore, it is always important to remove the laces of your sneakers before washing them. This way, you can clean all parts of the sneakers and ensure that the color is the same in all parts of the sneakers. Now, you can appreciate your sneakers better.

  • Do not over-wash them: We earlier stated that it is important always to clean your sneakers after every use. However, that does not mean that you should always wash the sneakers. It is important to note that there is a difference between cleaning and washing your sneakers.

It harms your sneakers when you over-wash them. Therefore, it is always best to stick to cleaning your sneakers and wash them once in a while. It is not out of place to wash your sneakers after every five uses. It helps to space out and alternate the wash day, ensuring that the washing does pressure the sneakers.

  • Alternate usage: The same way you should not wash your sneakers always is the same way you shouldn’t always wear your sneakers. Yes, you may have a favorite sneaker. But that should not be the only shoe you would always wear. Even if you are a sneakers person, you should have options to alternate usage.

When you constantly wear a particular sneaker, it becomes liable to wear and tear. Thus, the sneakers would not last long. To avoid this, you should always have options and ensure that you space out the way you wear the sneakers.



Sneakers always add a certain flair to your outfit. So, you should follow these tips to take adequate care of your sneakers.

If you do not take care of your sneakers, they will wear out quickly.


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