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The art of keeping your shoe safe cannot be talked about without mentioning the use of a shoe rack. It is almost the first thing that comes to mind when anyone talks about or consider storin their shoes adequately.

But it isn’t always about keeping a shoe rack as some shoe racks may be harmful to your shoes. Therefore, you will need some tips when buying a shoe rack. In addition, the fact that your friend purchased a specific shoe rack doesn’t mean that the shoe rack would be adequate for you or serve the needs you have.


In this article, we will talk about some of the essential tips you must consider when buying a shoe rack. By following these tips, you are ensuring that you make the best decision before purchasing any specific shoe rack.

It is always best to keep in mind that there is no set formula when it comes to buying a shoe rack. However, the tips we will highlight in this article will serve as a general guide and are suitable for anyone to use.

In no particular order, some of the things to consider when buying a shoe rack include:

  • Size: The size of the shoe rack you want to purchase is always important to consider as it determines the number of shoes you can place on it. For this factor, the number of shoes you have will serve as a determinant.

When you weigh the number of shoes you have, you can appropriately guess the number of shoes that will be on the shoe rack. It would be unfortunate if you get a shoe rack smaller than the number of shoes you have. In such a case, some of your shoes will be stranded as you cannot place all of them on the shoe rack.

Therefore, it is only right that you think of the number of shoes you own before you make a final choice when you want to purchase a shoe rack.

  • Cost: Before going ahead to buy anything, we are sure that you will be working with a budget. How much are you willing to spend on a shoe rack? We haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t work without a budget.

When you are working with a budget, you are sure not to spend so much and it wouldn’t cut your pocket. For example, it could be that your friend got a new shoe rack, and you also want to get it. However, your budget is not friendly with the shoe rack.  Here, you can see you that what works for A would not always work for B.

Instead of incurring unnecessary expenses, you should always have a budget and work within your budget.

  • Design: The design of a shoe rack can also be a determining factor to whether you would buy a shoe rack or not. Typically, shoe racks come in different designs. It could be a standing or hanging shoe rack. Thus, you would have a specific preference when you are getting a shoe rack.

One always needs to consider their shoe rack design preference when buying a shoe rack. If the design is not up to your taste, it means you won’t get it.

There is no specific design that one should get when buying a shoe rack as no two individuals are the same.

  • Material Used: The material used in making the shoe rack is also another factor to consider before you buy a shoe rack. Some shoe racks may be made from wood while others are plastic. However, you need to consider some things and your preference before choosing anyone.

For example, a person may be staying in an area that is not wood-friendly. Therefore, they know that insects would attack any shoe rack they buy if it is made from wood. In such a case, people under this category would want a plastic shoe rack.

In the same vein, there are people who want a long-lasting shoe rack. These may be families with young children. Thus, they understand that getting a plastic shoe rack would not be favourable as the kids could turn it into a play toy and destroy it. Thus, they would prefer to get a wooden shoe rack.

We can say that what works for A would not always work for B. Therefore, it is important to weigh the circumstances around you before you make a final decision.




If you follow the tips we have highlighted in this article, you are sure to make the right decision when buying a shoe rack.



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