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Diddy had just moved into her new apartment and realized that the house had an in-built shoe closet. Some people are as lucky as Diddy, while others are not. Some people need to get a shoe rack that serves as an equivalent to a shoe closet.

However, everyone needs to know how to arrange their shoe effectively. Whether you keep your shoes in a shoe closet or rack, there is a need for a systematic arrangement. Thus, you need to know how to arrange your shoe closet.


When we mention arranging your shoe closet, some people panic thinking it is a challenging task. However, allow us to tell you that it isn’t tricky knowing how to arrange your shoe closet. These tips we will highlight in this article are things you may already know. But you haven’t been paying enough attention or have not been conscious about it.

Therefore, this article reminds us how one can arrange their shoe closet. It gives a certain sense of satisfaction to have a well-arranged shoe closet.

Below are some shoe closet arrangement tips in no particular order:

  • Position it in an airy place: Where is your shoe closet positioned? Building a shoe closet or buying a shoe rack is one thing. However, it is another thing to put it in a perfect spot. Typically, your shoe closet should be in an airy place.

It ensures that your shoes do not fall prey to dampness or heat cracks. These can affect the shoes as it would make them spoil faster. Also, when your shoe closet isn’t in an airy place, the shoe begins to lose its form.

Thus, it is best to keep in mind that your shoe closet should be in an airy place as a preventive measure for your shoes. If you notice that your shoe rack hasn’t been positioned in an airy place, it is time to change the location of the shoe rack.

One should help that your shoe closet or rack is storage for your shoes. But it becomes destructive when it isn’t in an airy and strategic location.

  • Arrange your shoes in categories: It gets hectic looking at your shoe closet when you do not know where you keep different shoes. For example, you are looking for a specific shoe, and you cannot find it. In such cases, it is tiring as it seems like locating a particular shoe takes a toll on you.

However, you will not go through such stress when you have your shoes arranged in categories in your shoe closet. For example, placing your shoes in categories could be by putting heels in a particular corner and putting sneakers in another section of the shoe closet.

This way, you do not have to comb through all your shoes when looking for your sneakers. In addition, when you arrange your shoes in categories, it gives them specific aesthetics, making them enjoyable to behold. It would also be helpful when you are trying to take a picture of your shoe closet or rack.

  • Put heels on the first row: If you own a heeled shoe, we are sure that you can relate to the cost of these heels. Therefore, you will place a high value on your heels as it costs you a significant amount of money to get them. In addition, you would also want to use and enjoy your heels.

If this is you, we advise that you arrange your heels on the first row of your shoe closet or rack. It ensures that other shoes do not put pressure on them when on different rows. Also, it allows your heels to get the adequate air that they need to stay in good shape.

Due to the nature of heels, you will agree that it may be difficult or even impossible placing them on other rows, especially the last row. Furthermore, trying to put them in these rows may damage your shoe. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry, as prevention is better than cure.

If you want to get the best value for your heels, ensure to arrange them on the first row of your shoe rack.

  • Do not use a wire shoe rack: What is the best type of shoe rack to use? It is one of the top questions we get from many people. While we cannot recommend that people use a specific type of shoe rack as we do not want to be limiting, we advise that people stay away from a wire shoe rack.

Not all shoes will do well on a wire shoe rack. So, since we cannot always correctly guess the shoes that will be compatible with a shoe rack, it is always best to stay away from it completely.



Now that you have read this article arranging your shoe rack or closet shouldn’t be an issue anymore. And these tips are easy to keep in mind, so you should always use them.


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